How to Start

Welcome to the RDoC Community. At the top and to the right of your webpage, hovering your mouse over the "How to Start" tab displays three options:

  1. How to Register - A step-by-step guide of registering your account with RDoC
  2. How to Sign In - A step-by-step guide of signing into RDoC after registering your account
  3. Discussion Forum Policy - Details the do's and don'ts of posting onto the RDoC Forum after signing in
    • Hover your mouse over the RDoC Discussion Forum link at the top of the webpage and select one of the following to review:
      • Overview - The purpose of supporting the RDoC Matrix
      • Format - The conversational hierarchy of RDoC posts (i.e., Topic > Subtopic > Conversation Threads > Posts
      • How to Post - Detailed instructions of posting a forum onto RDoC
    • Review the RDoC Matrix and the Definitions of Constructs for topic terminology used within the forums

If you have any questions, please contact the site administrator: